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Capillus® 272 Laser Treatment

A General Guide to the Benefits of Capillus Laser Therapy

Capillus®272_Logo_Normal Struggling with thinning hair and hair loss can be embarrassing, frustrating, and overwhelming. Reportedly, as many as two-thirds of men have some degree of hair loss by age 35, and 40% of all hair loss sufferers are women. Despite the realization that hair loss is a common problem, many still find it hard to cope when hair loss happens to them. Though developments now allow the regrowth of hair, deciding on a treatment option may still be a struggle. This is especially the case because many of the standard options are invasive and cost-prohibitive, but Dr. Kyle Choe of Virginia Beach, Va. hopes to make people more aware of a better alternative: Capillus Laser Therapy. The Capillus Laser System, named for the Latin term for the aggregate of hair on the scalp, is a great option for many people. Capillus Laser Therapy involves placing a soft insert inside your favorite cap or scarf for thirty minutes every other day. This treatment has shown promising results with 80% of patients showing slowed or stopped hair loss and 51% showing new hair growth.

What to Expect in a Capillus Laser Therapy Consultation

Deciding to make a consultation appointment with a licensed Capillus Therapy physician is the first step in experiencing the benefits of Capillus for yourself. Naturally, you may wonder what to expect. At the consultation, potential patients are asked a series of questions about their overall medical health and about what kinds of changes they have noticed in their hair and when the changes first began. Patients should also inform the physician they consult with about any other procedures they are considering or have undergone in attempting to improve their hair loss. The physician will also conduct a brief examination of your hair and scalp. Additionally, your physician will help make sure the product you get is a name brand Capillus product and help tailor a customized treatment plan to meet individual goals.

Am I a Good Candidate?

While only a licensed Capillus provider can tell you specifically whether you would be a good candidate for Capillus, there are some general guidelines. Capillus patients can be either men or women, usually aged 25 to 65, who are in general good health. The Capillus system is especially helpful to women because the cap extends lower to cover the edges of the hairline where women often experience loss. Capillus helps people who want to preserve and strengthen the hair they already have as well as growing new hair. The treatment system is good for people willing to take an active hand in the overall maintenance of their hair regrowth because the treatment system is used at home. Capillus is not contraindicated for people who have tried or are currently trying certain other therapy to stimulate hair regrowth. Sometimes, Capillus can be used jointly with growth stimulating products or other treatments to help achieve an even better outcome, so be sure to mention any current treatment regimen to the physician during your consultation.

The Capillus Procedure

Capillus uses low level laser therapy (LLLT) to strengthen existing hair and encourage new hair growth. LLLT is one of the safest hair loss treatment options available, and the Capillus system in particular capitalizes on using the safety of LLLT to make sure the treatment system is so safe it can be used at home at a person’s own convenience, has no side effects, and is successful. The portable device contains 272 laser diodes which each have 5MW of power. Each diode is a true laser, and there is no use of LED lights as in competing products of lesser quality. The product’s laser diodes are powered with a rechargeable battery pack which is hands-free after it is charged. Likewise, thanks to the battery pack, the Capillus can be used at home, at work, or even on vacation so your schedule doesn’t need to change. Once the battery pack is charged, the insert can simply be tucked inside any headgear and activated with complete privacy. Once the insert is turned on, the LLLT kicks in as the lasers produce a safe spectrum of light which will stimulate the scalp. The light treatment helps the hair follicles get improved circulation and cellular respiration, but the light remains cool so there is no heat and no damage to the sensitive skin of the scalp. Generally, patients have laser therapy every other day for thirty minutes. This is all that is required for the Capillus Laser Therapy System to begin making hair healthier and helping it begin to grow again.


Perhaps you are wondering what happens after treatments in terms of recovery. The FDA has cleared the Capillus system, and the studies even show it’s side effect free. Likewise, the laser lights used are gently stimulating to hair follicles, but not dangerous or harsh toward skin. Therefore, treatments should feel pleasant and require no aftercare or recovery of any kind. In fact, patients can do treatment at work.

Choosing the Right Laser Therapy Surgeon

It is important to work with a hair loss specialist or dermatologist who is experienced with the Capillus treatment system. Within the Virginia Beach, Va. area, one such skilled and qualified facial plastic surgeon and hair restoration specialist is Dr. Kyle Choe. Dr. Choe has experience with traditional hair restoration techniques as ell as the Capillus system. Working at the Choe Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Choe and his excellent staff provide care at the highest standard. So, if you are ready to have a full, healthy head of natural hair again and break the cycle of embarrassment and discomfort from hair loss, contact Dr. Choe today.


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