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Unexpected Reasons for Hair Loss

Unexpected Reasons for Hair LossSometimes, you can’t blame hair loss on your mom’s bald father or on your own father’s balding head. While many cases of hair loss are related to genes and male or female pattern baldness, some are due to external sources and stressors. The bad news is that you have to cope with hair loss until the situation corrects itself. The good news is that once you find the source of your hair loss, you’re usually able to reverse it by removing the source and waiting.

Your Cleanser (or Other Gimmicky Diet)

What you eat on a regular basis plays a big role in the health of your hair. Not getting enough iron, protein, and a host of other needed nutrients can make your hair brittle, more prone to breakage, and more likely to fall out or not grow quickly. So, it should be no surprise that continually trying the latest fad diet can really due a number on your hair. For example, if you go on a cleanse that involves drinking only lemon water for a week, you won’t be giving your body the nutrients it needs to thrive during that time. To add insult to injury, not only will you potentially see some hair loss, you’re likely to regain any weight you do lose while on a cleanse once you return to your regular diet.

Your best bet is to skip the cleanses and other extreme diets and to focus on eating whole foods that naturally contain the nutrients your hair needs. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, eggs and lean sources of protein are all great for your hair, and for your weight, too.

You’ve Lost Weight

Even if you’ve followed a healthy weight loss diet, which featured foods high in protein, iron and other nutrients, you might see some hair loss after you lose a considerable amount of weight, usually more than 15 pounds. When hair loss is connected to weight loss, the most common cause is telogen effluvium, a type of hair loss that occurs after a major shock or change to your body’s system.

Usually, you’ll notice the loss a few months after you’ve lost the weight. Although this type of hair loss can be alarming, don’t worry, for most people, it grows back on its own without any issues.

You Just Got Divorced

Getting divorced is often a stressful period in people’s lives. Even if you’re amicably splitting from your partner, you might still be dealing with the stress of figuring out who gets what in the divorce and figuring out the basics of custody and child support.

Hair loss due to high stress levels during a divorce can be caused by telogen effluvium as well. A sign that your hair loss is related to your divorce and telogen effluvium is if it occurs a few months afterwards. Telogen effluvium triggers hair loss by having a larger number of hairs than usual go into the resting phase, before they are shed. As with hair loss related to losing weight, you should see your hair grow back on its own, as soon as your stress levels return to normal levels.

You’ve Had a Fever

What else can trigger telogen effluvium? Having a high fever, for one thing. A fever puts physical stress on your body, which can interrupt the growth cycle of your hair. Since the hair loss doesn’t occur for a few months after the fever, it can be difficult to connect the two. If you are experiencing hair loss, but can’t figure out why, and it doesn’t seem to be because of male pattern baldness or a condition such as alopecia areata, think back to a few months previously and try to remember if you were very sick and feverish during that time.

It Could Be Lupus

On the popular medical drama House, the cause of a patient’s symptoms was never lupus. But, in real life, your hair loss might be explained by lupus, a type of autoimmune disease. Often, hair loss is one of the earliest signs of lupus, which can make it difficult to determine whether it is related to the disorder or to another cause.

The type of hair loss a person experiences with lupus can also differ. Some people lose hair in clumps, while others have a gradual thinning. If you think your hair loss could be related to lupus, it’s very important to see a doctor for a diagnosis.

Life can throw you a number of curveballs, and your hair can often be what suffers thanks to life’s ups and downs. While any type of hair loss can be upsetting, if yours is because of stress, weight loss or temporary illness, the good news is that it usually resolves on its own. Some causes of hair loss may need more serious treatment, which is why it’s so important to contact a hair restoration specialist, such as Dr. Kyle Choe, about any concerns you have. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Choe, call (757) 389-5850 today.

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