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Surprising Reasons for Hair Loss

Reasons for hair lossAlthough heredity plays a role when it comes to hair loss for the majority of people, not everyone can blame their parents for their hair loss issues. In some cases, hair loss is connected to a number of external factors as well as internal factors. Genetics are still responsible for the majority of hair loss in people, particularly malepatternbaldness or female pattern baldness. But, if everyone else in your family  has a full head of hair and you’ve noticed some loss, it can be related to a number of other reasons.

Vitamin Issues

Getting too much of certain vitamins and not enough of others can trigger hair loss in men and women. The condition hypervitaminosis A occurs when your body has high levels of vitamin A. While there are many symptoms of the condition, one of them is hair loss.

Fortunately, the hair loss and other symptoms quickly reverse when you stop taking excessive amounts of vitamin A. The recommended daily value for adults is 5,000 IU per day. If you take a supplement, check that it has less than that amount.

Too little vitamin B is another cause of hair loss. Vitamin B deficiency is usually rare in the US, but it is possible. If you think that a lack of vitamin B is behind your hair loss, you can take a supplement that contains it or look for ways to add it to your diet. Fish, potatoes, fruits and meats are all good sources of the vitamin.

Not Enough Iron or Protein

Other dietary deficiencies can trigger hair loss. For example, your hair loss might be connected to a lack of protein in your diet. Usually, it takes a few months for the hair loss to develop if it is connected to too little protein. Going on fad diets or crash diets that require you to avoid protein is often related to hair loss.

If connected to a lack of protein, hair loss is reversible. Simply make sure you’re getting enough in your diet, usually two or three servings worth per day. You don’t have to eat meat to get an adequate amount of protein daily. Beans, tofu and eggs are all non-meat sources of protein.

Your  hair loss might also be connected to a low amount of iron in your blood, or anemia. You don’t have to be anemic to experience hair loss due to low levels of iron, though. Your doctor can test your iron levels to determine if you need a supplement to reverse hair loss.

Too Much Stress

Stress is bad for the body in many ways. Both physical and emotional stress can trigger hair loss. For example, if you’re under a number of deadlines at work or are dealing with a stressful family situation, your body might respond by having more hair strands than usual  move into the resting phase. You might not start to lose hair until a few months after the start of the stress. Finding ways to ease the stress, such as relaxation techniques, can help stop the hair loss.

Physical stress can be related to pregnancy, illness or rapid weight loss. As soon as the source of the stress is resolved, the hair loss should stop.

Autoimmune Disorders

The immune system can often get confused and begin attacking various parts of your own body. In some cases, an autoimmune disorder is directly related to hair loss, such as alopecia areata. If you suffer from alopecia areata, your immune system attacks your hair follicles, causing your body to shed hair. The  condition can affect the hair all over your body or only on your head.

About five million people suffer from the condition in the U.S. It might be triggered by stress, so finding ways to relax or reduce stress levels can help. Some people also benefit from corticosteroid injections or from using a product such as Rogaine. A qualified physician like Virginia hair restoration specialist Dr. Kyle Choe can help you to develop a treatment plan.

A number of other autoimmune disorders can cause hair loss, although they aren’t directly attacking the follicles. For example, hair loss is often connected to Celiac disease. When a person has Celiac disease, the body reacts when he or she eats products that contain gluten, such as wheat bread or cookies. Hair loss can also be one of the symptoms of lupus, another autoimmune disorder.

If your hair loss is becoming a cause for concern, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kyle Choe at The Choe Center for Hair Restoration in Virginia to learn more about your treatmentoptions. Call the office at (757) 389-5850 for a consultation today.

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