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Styling Tips to Cover Up Thinning Hair

Styling Tips to Cover Up Thinning HairHair loss happens to women for a variety of reasons. Changes in your hormone levels can trigger telogen effluvium, a usually temporary loss of hair, while issues with your thyroid can also cause your hair to become thinner or to fall out. In some cases, women suffer from female pattern baldness, which is similar to male pattern baldness and connected to their genes. Whether your hair loss is temporary or not, one way to deal with it and to cover it up without looking as though you’re covering it up is to play around with different styles. How you wear your hair and what you put on it can influence how thick or thin it looks.

Choose Your Cut Carefully

It might seem counter-intuitive, but when you are trying to make it look as though you have more hair, the secret is not to have more or longer hair, but to have shorter hair that is cut in a way that tricks the eye. The same is true for men and women. Guys who are experiencing some hair loss will often cut their hair very short to conceal any bald spots.

That’s because when your hair grows longer, it becomes heavier. The extra weight pulls hair down and causes it to separate into sections that reveal more of your scalp. Stick with a shorter cut, such as a layered bob  or pixie, to minimize the appearance of thinning hair. Having your stylist cut interior layers into your style will also make your hair look fuller and thicker.

Change Up Your Part

Whether it’s in the center, slightly to the right or slightly to the left, altering the position of your part can instantly make your hair look thicker. When hair is parted in the same way day after day, it becomes flat around the part, which can make the part look wider and the hair thin. Minimize the size of your part by moving it right or left somewhat. Doing so will cause the hair to stand up along the new part, concealing more of your scalp and making your hair look thicker.

Pick Your Products

When your hair is thinning, the products you put on it matter more than ever. For one thing, harsh products, such as bleaches and dyes, make your hair more prone to breakage, which isn’t something anyone wants. Even products that would be helpful to a person without thinning hair might be problematic for you.

For example, certain types of shampoos contain moisturizing ingredients that weigh hair down and can make thinning hair look stringy. Instead, look for shampoos that add volume to the hair without adding weight. You might also want to avoid deep conditioners or even any conditioner at all, as it can weigh your hair down.

If you use styling products on your hair, go for ones that add volume, not weight. Mousse is ideal, since it’s lightweight and won’t pull on the hair. Gels and hairsprays can weigh down your hair. If you use too much gel or hairspray, the hair can become brittle and break easily.

You also want to find a hair brush that will be gentle on your hair and that won’t cause breakage. A brush with natural bristles tends to be gentler than one with plastic bristles or metal bristles.

Watch the Temperature

Heat styling won’t make your hair fall out, but it can make it more prone to breakage, which can make your hair look thinner. You don’t have to give up using a blow dryer completely. Just be more careful about how frequently you use it and the temperature settings on it. Stick with the lowest setting to avoid scorching your hair. If you use heat tools such as a curling iron, don’t hold your hair in the iron for very long and don’t put the iron too close to your scalp.

Try to air dry your hair as much as you can and avoid doing any type of styling to it when it’s very wet. Wet hair is weaker than dry and is more likely to break or be pulled out from the follicle.

If your hair loss is due to female pattern baldness, in the long run, the best solution might be a hair transplant. In the Virginia Beach area, hair restoration surgeon Dr. Kyle Choe can discuss your options with you, help you determine the cause of your hair loss, and recommend steps to take to cover it up or to restore your hair. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Choe, call (757) 389-5850 today.

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