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Restoring a Thinning Crown

Remember the old TV infomercials hawking cans of spray-on hair? With a few strong wafts of product all around the head – presto! No more receding hairline or balding crown. Or so it seemed. The problem was that the results were unnatural, impermanent, costly over time, and looked pretty ridiculous if you happened to sweat a lot or enjoy an occasional dive into the backyard swimming pool.

Hair transplant surgeons won’t kid you when they say crown hair restoration is one of the trickiest, most exhaustive transplant procedures available. As a result, not all surgeons offer the procedure. Many won’t even touch a balding crown if the patient is under the age of 35. At that early middle age, it’s pretty clear to the transplant surgeon which way the patient’s thinning hair dominoes are falling. So there is less concern for progressive hair loss beyond the transplant area.

Men with thinning crowns know only too well the unpleasant feelings associated with a naked crown, or vertex. It draws one’s attention to the nude spot unlike any other form of male pattern baldness. It makes one acutely aware of that noticeable patch of once dense hair growth.

Hair transplant surgeons have the daunting task of finding sufficient donor grafts to achieve a natural looking “whorl” or natural spiraling hair growth pattern moving away from the center of the vertex. Donor depletion is a serious consideration, often resulting in the need for more diffuse harvesting of hair from various parts of the body. Done incorrectly, a poorly filled thinning crown can look unnatural and unsatisfying. Graft survival is also a consideration determined by adequate blood flow to the transplant area.

If you are experiencing progressive hair thinning of the crown and are considering transplant surgery, it’s important to discuss the challenges and the rewards of the procedure with a qualified transplant surgeon. Dr. Kyle S. Choe is a board certified facial plastic surgeon located in Virginia Beach. Call him today at The Choe Center for Hair Restoration at (757) 389-5850 for a hair transplant surgery consultation.

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