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Which Hair Loss Treatment Is Right for You?

Whatever the cause, hair loss is not something you want to deal with. Luckily for you, you live in a time when there are more options for treating or coping with hair loss than before. While there are plenty of … Continue reading

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Platelet Rich Plasma and Hair Health

There’s a lot of buzz about PRP, or platelet rich plasma, these days. It’s injected into certain areas of the face during a “Vampire facelift,” and has been used to treat chronic sports-related injuries. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and … Continue reading

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Women and Hair Transplants

Hair loss isn’t something only men experience. Although it might not be discussed as much, up to half of the female population experiences hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia by the time they are 50-years-old, according to a 2003 study … Continue reading

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Unexpected Reasons for Hair Loss

Sometimes, you can’t blame hair loss on your mom’s bald father or on your own father’s balding head. While many cases of hair loss are related to genes and male or female pattern baldness, some are due to external sources … Continue reading

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Is Your Diet to Blame for Your Hair Loss?

What you eat plays a big part when it comes to the health of your hair. Some foods can help your hair grow and can improve the health of your scalp and locks. Other foods or dietary choices can have … Continue reading

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Tips for Treating and Managing Alopecia Areata

Figuring out the best way to treat and cope with your hair loss means figuring out what is behind the hair loss. While many people do start to lose their hair as a result of male or female pattern baldness, … Continue reading

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Everything You Want to Know About Hair Transplants (But Were Afraid to Ask)

No matter how long you’ve been weighing the pros and cons of a hair transplant versus other treatment options (or doing nothing at all), you probably have a number of questions about the surgery, what it can do, and what … Continue reading

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PRP vs. Hair Transplant

Hair restoration surgery is generally considered the only permanent solution to female or male pattern baldness. But not everyone is ready for or wants to undergo surgery, even if they are unhappy with their hair loss. A newer option, known … Continue reading

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Warning Signs of Hair Loss

You wake up and find a few more strands of hair than you expected on your pillowcase or an awful lot of hair seems to be collecting in the drain of your shower. Since most people shed as many as … Continue reading

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Home Remedies for Hair Loss: Do They Work?

If you stay up late enough watching TV, you’ve probably seen some wacky ads touting the latest hair-loss remedy. Hair-loss cures aren’t a new invention. People have been trying to come up with ways to regrow their hair or put … Continue reading

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