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Happy National Hair Loss Month! — Things You Can Do

Learn More About Hair Loss During National Hair Loss Month!August is National Hair Loss Month! It’s a good time for people who don’t know much about hair loss or who haven’t experienced it themselves to learn more about the common causes of the condition.

Hair loss is more common than people think. The American Academy of Dermatology estimates that about 30 million women have hereditary hair loss. According to the American Hair Loss Association, about 66 percent of men will start losing their hair in their 30s and about 85 percent will have some form of hair loss by their 50s.

The end of summer is a great time to start exploring your options if you’re currently dealing with hair loss. If you haven’t already, take the time to see a doctor and learn more about the causes of and treatments for alopecia.

Get Your Hair Checked Out

There are numerous causes for hair loss. In some cases, the cause of your hair loss could be a temporary thing, such as traction alopecia, which occurs when you wear your hair in very tight styles or use a number of chemicals on it. A factor such as stress, pregnancy or injury can trigger a condition known as telogen effluvium, during which a significant number of your hair goes into the resting phase, then is shed. Both types of hair loss are usually temporary and the hair grows back.

If your hair loss is due to your genes, your thyroid or your immune system, your doctor will need to determine the cause of hair loss in order to provide the best treatment. A hair restoration specialist can examine your hair and scalp to see if the loss is due to male or female pattern baldness. He or she will look at the follicles to see if they have miniaturized, or shrunk, which occurs as a result of DHT, a type of hormone.

Don’t Fall for Gimmicks

Just as there are plenty of causes of hair loss, there are also plenty of gimmicks that promise to cure it. Examples include special shampoos that claim to regrow hair, spray paints that make it look as though you have hair and a vacuum that supposedly increased blood flow to the scalp and helped stop hair loss.

Some gimmicks can seem pretty convincing, which is why it’s important to talk to a doctor. A surgeon who specializes in hair loss can help you separate fact from fiction when it comes to treatments that really work.

Consider a Topical Product

When you are just beginning to lose your hair, one of your best treatment options might be to use an over-the-counter, topical product, such as minoxidil, which is often sold under the brand name Rogaine. Minoxidil has a number of benefits, as well as drawbacks, meaning it’s not the perfect solution to hair loss, but it can help some people.

If you want to keep seeing results, you’ll have to keep using the product, long after National Hair Loss Month is over. The growth you’ll see when you use it is likely to be slow, which means you need to be patient. On the plus side, the product is relatively easy to use and you don’t need a prescription to get it. Both women and men can use it.

Investigate Hair Restoration

If you’re tired of dealing with thinning hair, maybe National Hair Loss Month will be the month you finally decide to learn more about hair restoration surgery. You may be a good candidate for a hair transplant if you’re losing your hair thanks to male pattern baldness. The surgery is also ideal for people who have suffered hair loss after an injury or  who want to conceal a scar with hair.

Hair loss can happen all over the body, not just on the head. If you’re dealing with patchy beard growth or have over plucked your brows, August may be the month when you seriously consider whether a hair transplant is the best option for you.

At the Choe Center for Hair Restoration in Virginia Beach, Dr. Kyle Choe performs hair transplants on a variety of patients for a variety of reasons. If you want to learn more about how the surgery can help you, call the practice at (757) 389-5850 today!

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