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Hair Loss Flops

Oh, the things people have tried to “cure” hair loss the “easy way”. In the 1920s, there was a contraption known as Hake’s Thermocap. Manufactured by Allied Mercke Institutes in N.Y., the gadget was comprised of an aluminum dome, a metal socket to hold the light bulb on top of the device, and a power cord. The Thermocap was then being billed as a “New Way to Make Hair Grow.” Predictably, it didn’t.

Going back in time a few more decades to the 1880s, you had the miraculous Scott electric hair brush. The makers of this gizmo claimed it not only regrew hair but it cured migraines and numerous other ailments.

Can You Say “Snake Oil”?

And who could forget the popular spray-on hair back in the 1990s? The late-night infomercials wowed us with massive male bald pates miraculously made whole again with the shake of a can of brown, black, red, or blond hair spray and a generous cloud of “product” sprayed directly into the scalp. The product seemed to work – for a while – provided you stayed out of the rain and the shower and the swimming pool. Otherwise, the product easily washed away. For those poor balding men who perspired a lot, the product might even be found trickling downstream in tiny rivulets of sweat.

Not a Pretty Picture

Once upon a time, on television, there was also a shampoo and conditioner product called the “Helsinki Formula.” It made the dubious promise of stimulating the scalp and hair growth.

Countless men, desperate for an easy cure for thinning hair, have fallen under the spell of a veritable cornucopia of home remedies. For example, vinegar is said to dissolve away toxins that clog hair follicles and stifle hair growth. Olive oil and honey are touted as the dynamic duo of hair replenishment tonics. Low sodium in the diet boosts hair growth, some believe. A drink made from yogurt, honey, bananas, and milk supposedly strengthens the roots of the hair.

The problem with most if not all of these quick fixes and questionable remedies for thinning hair is they work to some degree or not at all. Spray-on hair is no substitute for real hair. Olive oil and honey only makes your scalp sweet and sticky.

Real Cures

But did you know there are genuine lasting remedies for hereditary pattern baldness? Cutting-edge research is also delving into human stem cells and hair follicle cloning to regrow hair permanently. The research is still fresh but expanding constantly.

For the here and now, hair restoration surgery is by far your best option for slowing or stopping hair loss and restoring hair to balding areas using your own donor follicles. Many satisfied men and women have had the procedure with fantastic results.
Instead of gambling your hard-earned dollars on “fringe” cures for hair loss, talk to a real-deal, qualified hair restoration specialist to find out what really works and what doesn’t.

Dr. Kyle S. Choe is a board certified facial plastic surgeon and hair restoration specialist with offices located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Contact The Choe Center for Facial Plastic Surgery at (757) 389-5850 for a personal consultation.

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