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Crazy Hair Loss Myths and “Cures”

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When you notice your hair start to thin, you want to do anything possible to either stop it or bring some of it back. While the process of hair restoration has advanced in recent years, there are still some gimmicky, not very effective, or outright misleading ideas about curing hair loss. If you’re suffering from hair loss, you might want to think twice before trying some of these “cures.”

Blast From the Past

Several ancient cultures came up with interesting ways to treat hair loss. One of the oldest known medical texts, the Ebers Papyrus, from Egypt, offers a few remedies for hair loss. For example, ancient Egyptians could try rubbing a mixture of hippopotamus, snake, tomcat, and crocodile fats on their scalps to stimulate hair growth. Another tip for ancient Egyptians suggesting sautéing in oil the leg of a female greyhound with the hoof of a donkey or to boil porcupine hair in water and apply that to the scalp for several days.

Cleopatra, the last active Pharaoh of Egypt, had some great advice for Julius Caesar, her lover. The Roman emperor was trying to cover up his baldness with an early version of the comb-over, but Cleopatra had a better idea, ostensibly.

According to the History Channel website, she recommended he make an ointment of bear grease, ground-up mice, and horse’s teeth. Not surprisingly, nothing resulted from their efforts. Luckily for Caesar, though, the laurel wreath headpiece, in which he’s depicted regularly in historical art and images, was the look of the day as well as an effective way to cover up his bald head.

Seven Sutherland Sisters’ Hair Grower

The Sutherland sisters were a musical group who traveled with the Barnum and Bailey Circus circa the late 19th century. Made up of seven sisters, each had an impressive mane to show off. Their act concluded with the sisters letting their hair down, collectively measured at 36½ feet, and was followed by gasps, oohs, and ahhs from the audience.

The sisters started to go in a different directions after one of them married J. Henry Bailey, nephew to the co-owner of the circus company. Bailey decided to sell a hair ointment, originally created by the women’s mother, as a cure for hair loss. The Seven Sutherland Sister’s Hair Grower made the women and their families a fortune, but there’s no proof it actually helped grow hair.

Hair Loss Vacuum

Would you trust your scalp and hair to a company best known for producing radios? Fred Astaire reportedly did. Astaire was supposedly an owner of the Crosley Xervac, a device that used suction to stimulate blood flow and forced air to restore hair growth. The thinking behind the Xervac was that poor circulation in the scalp led to hair loss.

People could find the device in doctors’ offices or beauty shops. A model was also introduced for at-home use. Powel Croslry, Jr., the owner of the company, wasn’t out to trick anyone into using his product. He was a faithful user of it himself, convinced that it worked.

Bull Semen

 According to the Huffington Post, hair products containing bull semen are on the market today and are found in high-end hair salons. The products claim to make hair stronger and to stimulate growth. But, those who have tried them haven’t noticed much of a difference in the condition of their hair.

Herbs, Spices, and Other Foods

Throughout history, people have claimed that a number of edibles have helped stop hair loss. People have tried rubbing cut pieces of lemon or ginger root on their scalps to stimulate hair growth. Others have dumped beer or tea on their heads in an effort to get their hair to grow. Some have even gone so far as to chop up an onion, mix it with oil and add to the hair and scalp. All these edible hair-loss cures have done so far it seems is added some aroma to the hair.

Hair in Mind

If you’re concerned about hair loss, you don’t have to resort to wacky “cures” or gimmicks. Today’s hair restoration procedures can leave you with a natural head full of hair, no spray paint, no ground mice, no mystery concoctions, or gadgets needed.

To learn more about your hair transplant options, contact Dr. Kyle Choe at TheChoeCenterforHairRestoration in Virginia Beach. Dr. Choe uses modern hair restoration techniques to reverse hair loss. Call his practice for an appointment today at (757) 389-5850.

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