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Is Bald Beautiful?

It’s amazing how men’s hairstyles come and go with the decades. The 1960s established shoulder-length hair. The 70s introduced men’s hair styling salons. The 80s carried in with them all manner of “New Wave” cuts. Now, shaved heads are all the rage.

Basketball star Michael Jordan and silver screen actors Vin Diesel and Patrick Stewart have each given popular expression to the 21st century notion that “bald is beautiful.” Without a doubt, shaved heads draw immediate attention. There is a strange allure about a naked dome that borders on primeval. Qualities of personal toughness, military bearing, male virility, worldly wisdom, and even prison yard ruthlessness come to mind.

So, who looks “cooler” and more dangerous? Bruce Willis in Moonlighting, or Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction?

Men experiencing natural hair loss have taken notice of the cultural shift. Many have since joined the “bad and bald” crowd and at the same time solved the problem of male pattern baldness. But are they taking the easy way out and, more importantly, is there such a thing as being “too bald?”

Ready to go Bald? Not So Fast

Men should know that there is a difference between going bald against one’s will and shaving one’s head clean to make a personal statement or to ride the crest of a Pop culture trend. What’s more, not every man looks good totally bald. There is a certain cranial shape and facial symmetry that makes the hairless look a workable solution or not.

In fact, men have come to appreciate the fact that a head shaved bald is a high maintenance proposition. The shaving must be done daily or frequently at least. The skin must be kept clean, oiled, and waxed, and protected from the damaging rays of the sun and temperature extremes in the weather. Sure, being bald may be beautiful now, but it costs money and it takes special care to stay fashionably bald.

A More Permanent Solution

This is why many men who are just beginning to lose their hair and even men in the “terminal” stage of baldness are considering hair transplant surgery as a true, lasting option – and with good reason. It’s your hair the surgeon is working with, or rather hair that has been taken from donor-rich areas like the back or sides of the scalp.

The procedure may involve Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Follicular Unit Grafting (FUG). The FUE technique involves the removal of individual hair follicles from the donor area which are then transplanted into bald or thinning areas. FUG, also referred to as the strip method, requires “strip harvesting” in which a strip of hair-bearing scalp is removed from the donor area and then dissected into follicular units which are transferred to the recipient areas. FUE is a less invasive process and there is minimal, if any chance, of permanent scarring. It’s the preferred method for any man who’s contemplating extremely short or even shaved hairstyles after surgery.

So which is it: receding, balding, shaved or a full head of hair? Michael Jordon wears his manly bald pate with class, sophistication, and daring. You, on the other hand, might not carry it off as well. Maybe we’re just splitting hairs on this topic. Honest feedback from a qualified hair transplant surgeon will help you to decide what look is best on you.

Dr. Kyle S. Choe is a board certified facial plastic surgeon and hair restoration specialist with offices located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Contact The Choe Center for Facial Plastic Surgery at (757) 389-5850 for a personal consultation.

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