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Candidates for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Treatments for hair loss are getting more and more advanced and less invasive. Today, you have the option of choosing non-surgical treatments like platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP therapy), over-the-counter topical products or minimally invasive surgeries. Pretty much gone are … Continue reading

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3 Minimally Invasive Hair Loss Treatment Options

No one really wants to lose their hair, and yet, it happens to the majority of people. More than half of the male population will have some amount of hair loss in their lifetime and a significant number of women … Continue reading

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Hair Transplants are Big In Turkey, But You Don’t Have to Travel That Far

It might surprise to learn that Istanbul, Turkey is the hair restoration capital of the world. A recently published work by photographer Emanuele Satolli takes people behind the scenes of the hair transplant industry over there. More than 5,000 people … Continue reading

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Things to Do if Your Hair is Thinning

The day you notice that your part seems wider than it was before or that you have a more visible bald spot can be devastating. Although your first thought might be that you’re suffering from androgenetic alopecia, or male or … Continue reading

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Can a Ponytail Really Lead to Hair Loss?

Some causes of hair loss are genetic, and completely beyond your control. Other causes have to do with an overarching health issue. And some causes of hair loss are almost completely within your control. Traction alopecia is one example of … Continue reading

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Five Solutions to Help Women Cope With Hair Loss

Although hair loss is still something that’s commonly associated with men, it is an issue that also affects women, with nearly a third of women dealing with some form of hair loss over the course of their lives. The major … Continue reading

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Other Reasons for Hair Restoration Surgery

When you hear the phrase “hair transplant,” do you automatically picture a middle-aged man who has a noticeable amount of hair loss on his head? While a man with male pattern baldness may be one of the more common candidates … Continue reading

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Is There a Connection Between Dandruff and Hair Loss?

You’re in the shower, washing your hair and you notice two things. One, you seem to be shedding a more hair than usual. Two, there are some white flakes coming out when you massage the shampoo into you hair. Since … Continue reading

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Tips for Caring for Your Newly Restored Hair

It’s been several months since your hair transplant and you’re starting to see new growth in areas that were once bald. While how you took care of your hair in the past didn’t play a part in it falling out, … Continue reading

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How Your Lifestyle Affects Your Hair

Your genes might play a part in determining whether or not you’ll develop male or female pattern baldness. But hair loss isn’t only related to your genes. In some cases, your lifestyle and choices can play a part in determining … Continue reading

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