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About Hair Restoration

About Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration

Many men and women experience hair loss. In fact, for many, going bald is a significant fear and concern. In the past, there wasn’t much that could be done to combat or counteract hair loss and many measures led to unnatural or unsatisfactory results. In recent years, however, hair restoration techniques have advanced considerably, providing effective, natural options for reversing hair loss. There are currently several procedures which can easily restore the hair line and fill in balding areas.

Candidates for Hair Restoration Surgery

Hair restoration surgery is an excellent option for many patients. This is often seen as a procedure just for men who are losing hair at the hairline or on the crown. And while male pattern baldness is one of the most common reasons why patients seek hair restoration surgery, there are other candidates for this procedure. Many other people seek hair restoration surgery to reduce the visibility of scars and other injuries on the scalp. Sports and other injuries to the head may cause hair loss in specific areas on the scalp. In these cases, hair restoration techniques can restore the hair and return the scalp to a normal appearance. Hair restoration techniques can also address hairline issues to restore a more symmetrical or natural appearance.

Hair Restoration Techniques

There are many different techniques available in hair restoration today. The most common technique is often referred to as the “strip method” or follicular unit grafting (FUG). With this method, a strip of hair-bearing scalp is excised from the back of the patient’s head. This is then divided into follicular units and grafts which are transplanted into bald areas of the scalp. This technique can reshape the hairline and fill in a balding crown and other patches of hair loss. These follicular units are genetically programmed to be resistant to the hair loss process and will continue grow in the new area for a lifetime.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) or automated follicular unit extraction (AFUE) is a newer, more advanced technique in hair replacement in which individual hair follicles are removed from the scalp using a high-pressure pneumatic system. This method does not involve the strip scar that goes with the FUG technique. Both techniques are quick, painless, minimally-invasive surgeries that are performed under local anesthesia.

Recovery Following Hair Transplant Surgery

Dr. Choe recommends that his patients take two to three days off from work after their hair transplant surgery. Strenuous activities should be postponed for seven to ten days. Dr. Choe generally advises his patients to take it easy during the recovery and err on the side of caution. Hats should not be worn and hair products, gels, sprays and hair dryers should not be used for one week after surgery. Do not shampoo the hair for the first six days after surgery and avoid getting water on the scalp when showering during this time. Only baby shampoo should be used for the first few weeks after surgery. Also be careful not to pick, scratch or rub off any scabs that form on the scalp. Patients undergoing the strip method will need to return to the office ten days after surgery to have the stitches removed. The newly transplanted follicles will shed after surgery, but hair growth will resume and final results can be seen around month 8 or 10. Some patients require a second procedure in order to achieve optimal results and this can be performed after eight months to a year.

Dr. Choe is a highly qualified and experienced facial plastic surgeon and hair restoration specialist. With modern hair restoration techniques, hair loss can be reversed and hairlines restored to their former glory. To learn more about hair restoration or to schedule a consultation, contact the Choe Center for Facial Plastic Surgery of Virginia Beach, Virginia today at (757) 389-5850.

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